17. Jan, 2016

Isolation 2

It is very dangerous to be alone without being fully occupied with something positive. Nobody is an island to himself.

No matter the level you are, you will need someone to support you and to enable you to reach a goal. You are as knowledgeable as your helpers. Everyone God gives you adds to your strengths. This means every helper you loose diminishes your strength.

How open are you to revive the people he sends your way? Or do you think you can do it alone?

All this time I got it wrong. I thought being alone was best for everyone especially for myself. I thought I could do it alone but what I realized it that isolation is not healthy. You are consumed with your thoughts and deserted with your upmost flaws to generate havoc. Having that person makes it that bit better. Someone you can share with, pray with, build with and talk with makes the day go by smoothly.

We were not created to be alone.

You need someone to make you win, that is why you were created to help somebody win. The value of your life this year would be determined by the kind of people you come across and by those whose lives you touch. A wrong person can become an affliction to your dreams and a right person can become an announcement to your goals.

Make a decision today to let me in"

You don't have to do this alone 😊