14. Feb, 2016

Broken Beyond Comprehension

I thought I would not love again; actually I thought this is it for me! I decided I was going to be a nun! I didn't need anyone! You know when you give that person your all! Your heart, your time, your money but most of all a piece of you! Only to get disappointed! This is why many individuals are scared to put their heart out on the line again! We fear the unknown and that in itself cripples us to take that step! Letting go can be so hard! The most annoying thing is hearing, don't worry you will find better" he or she is not worth you" her or his loss" ...

The list is endless! Most times we go into depression or isolation as dealing with all the emotions can become unbarring! Come on I know you know what I am talking about! You invested all of yourself into that person! Thier smell even lingers around you! The dreams! The memories! How you long for their bitter sweet words! 5 minutes with them would be a fantasy!

Such is a life! Not everyone you meet is forever! There are seasons! The weather comes and goes! Nothing that is preordained can be terminated! If it is meant to be, it will be! I know letting go and moving on seems like an impossibility but don't worry things will get better! Take it one day at a time!

Look at me for example! I have been unable to function nor think right nor do anything productive because I was consumed by the memories that haunted me at mid day. I gave my all in all. But that's just life! That person may come into your life to help you grow or teach you something about yourself you didn't know.

That's the thing about new buildings! They are supported with scaffoldings but once the building is completed the scaffolding will be removed but yet the building will remain standing!

Yes that person has gone but you can still remain standing! Your life is far from over! You can go on! You do not need them to live! Greater is he that is you in! You can do it because you have him imbedded in you! You do not have to carry your burdens alone! Hold on and he will raise you up!

The one you least is expect is around the corner! Trust me I thought I could never love until that one person showed up and taught me how to love! I have never been better off!
Get busy! Proactive!

Time heals all wounds"