15. Feb, 2016

Talented Come Forth!

Be the change you have always wanted to be! If you want to inspire! Create! Do you want to be part of revolution? Something bigger than yourself?
Do not stand idly by whilst change occurs! Be part of history but most of all make it!
If you have always wanted to do something but was not sure how to go about it then reach out to us! Host events! Workshops! Concerts! Launch Products or Work! Whatever you can do; we will be happy to have you on board! We have only just started out! But we want those visionaries to join us! The hard workers! The Hungry who crave change! Why not stand up with us and rebuild a broken generation!
Looking for Event Planners,
Artists (singers, actors, dancers,poets)
Media - social media
Artists. Designers - Logo - Websites - Book Covers
Script Writers
Project Planners
Chefs - Bakers
Anything you can do is vital!
Or just part of the team!
We are keen and happy to have many on board!
Message me on here or msjasminecannon21rtwv@gmail.com