28. Feb, 2016


You use to define my worth!
You use to make me feel whole!
Complete but most of all Restored!
Your last breath was my identity!
Every word of yours, I took as absolute!
My morning dew!
My heavens reign!
My Queen!
My Lord!
You were everything!
My definition of life relied upon your existence!
I felt you were the glue that held me together!
You made every ounce of me whole!
I lost all of me in you!
I thought we were a nation that could not be divided!
Unity was created at the sound of your name!
My harbor!
My anchor to humanity!
At your gaze I moved mountains!
Every pain inflicted was a step closer to paradise!

How I was so wrong to follow your false Hersey!
I exchanged my calling to your falling!
Letting go is so hard!
We will rather remain on death course that follow a world saturated with the unknown!
Comfortability is a means to destruction!
We need to step outside and take a leap of faith!
Take a risk!
Do not cling on to survive but break free to live!
Lay down all you have known!
Let go of that which holds you back!
Even if it means you may be the only one standing - STAND!
This race is far from over!
What this war needs is the courageous of hearts!
The ones that will fight when no one is there!
The true worshippers!
The broken in spirits!
The ones that have nothing to loose and everything to loose!

No more remaining in the hard shoulder!
Release your hand break and step on the gas!