28. Feb, 2016

Confined Part 2

What have I become?
Who is this that lay before you?
I no longer recognize this entity I beseech!
I have no knowledge nor acumen in regards to this specimen that standeth before you!
I use to know who I was?
I could tell right from wrong!
I could tell left from right!
Now this compass has come to a halt!
My navigation game is no longer as strong as it use to be!
My sense of truth has become a distorted conception!
My analysis has failed to be as critical as it use to be!
I do not know what is holding me!
No longer free to dance!
No longer free to sing!
No longer free to be me!
I have become a porn piece to their betting race!
How I gave up control for their soul toll!
How cheaply I exchanged my birth right!
A muse to their defuse!
A case to their mental taste!

I long to be free again!
I long to run the race I once started!
I long to be with you again!
No more regrets!
No more limitations!
A termination to the past!
I am breaking forth to be me!
No matter the cost!
No matter the season!
All of Me!
I am going after who I am supposed to be!
I can do all things!

Who Will join me?
Or will you continually be bound by an institution that dictates your identity?

Whom shall you be?