1. Mar, 2016

All One?

In my brokenness I find strength,
Every time you tear me down I only get back up ten times stronger,
I refuse to be your tool that you use and abuse!
I am breaking free!
From your mind games!
Soul Ties!
Blood Tests!
I will no longer inhabit in this jungle!
I will no longer loose my coat of many colors!

I am breaking free!
To be me!
I have bared your cross for too long!
Your songs have become tiring!
Your hatred words have become a burden!
I can no longer carry your pain nor your misery!
I am standing up and setting myself apart!

I am breaking free!
No longer am I a victim to your abuses!
No longer am I a misconception to your mane.
The game is now over!
I will no longer be reminded nor haunted of the mistakes that lay waste at noon day!
I am breaking free!

My past does not define nor confine me!
We all make mistakes!
We all deserve second chances!
No crime is more unforgivable than another!
In this place is only love!
We welcome you all!
There is no judgement here!
We are all one!