2. Mar, 2016

I Am Stronger

How we love to play the whisper game!
The game where we want others to speak before we do!
A society where being different is now a taboo!
A nation where standing up is a sentence to death!
I use to be timid actually!
Some would say stutterer!
The crowd follower!
The people pleaser!
The false hieratic!
The identity crisis rendition!
The misplaced head case!
All manner of names I was called!
I wanted to fit in so bad!
I told countless lies that I cannot recollect!
I was so desperate to be with the world!
I tried with all of me but I couldn't keep up!
I couldn't even if I tried!
I was never called to be!

I am proud now of who I am becoming!
Powerful Voice!
Event Planner!
A Voice For The Broken!
I have a friend that is there all the time!
I am finally complete in him!
A place where I can be me!
Free to be a nerd!
Free to be weird!
I love who I see but most of all what I STAND FOR!

No longer suffocating with the dictation of humanities standards and conceptual laws!

What do you say...

Will you join me on the this side or continue to feel lost and incomplete with things that will only fill you up for a moment in time?