5. Mar, 2016

He Didn't Even Look Up

As you all know, I am doing my Masters. However there is no UK funding in place to help with the costs, so me and my parents are handling everything. So I thought to help them out, I should get a part time job in Buckingham. There was a hotel position front desk available. I applied that same day online, and then I got a call that evening saying I was more than qualified and I have the job and I should come in for a trial day. This was great as it would have given me another element of experience and obviously helped with my expenses. Most of all the hotel was a 5 minute drive from my apartment.

Over the phone me and the manager bonded. I couldn't wait to come in and have a chat. Normally I excel at interviews etc. People skills is a strong attribute I acquire.

I arrived promptly at 2.30. I sat down and waited for him to come and get me. As soon as he lay his eyes on me, he was shocked. I knew it was all over! I could feel the discontent and hatred. He couldn't quite wrap his head around on who was standing before him. My attributes, characteristics and persona did not quite meet his expectation. Given my name already, he did not quite expect my appearance. So our conversation lasted 30 seconds!

He said and I quote; "I think we had our lines crossed, I am so sorry for wasting your time"

That was it!

No reason!
No explanation!

All I could say just being who I am, "Thankyou, and I am so sorry that I did not meet your expectations. I hope you find what you are looking for"

I went on my way! With my head on my shoulder I stood strong! In despite of the adversity I remained strong because that is what I do! I do not allow one mishap to determine my mood! I know where I am heading! I know to whom my life belongs to, so when one door closes I know another opens"

It just breaks my heart every time we are judged before we open up our mouths!
Do we not have the right to express ourselves before judgement?

When did society become so discriminating that it now excludes individuals based on deformities or better still Indifferences?

A nation whereby looks or race is now judged to a standard of acceptance?
An institution that steals the core essence of individualism!

How I look down and weep!
I cry for a better world!
I long for a Nation that sees unity in our differences!

MzJC RTWV - Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi