7. Mar, 2016

Real Talks Part 3

I feel like all I do these days is carry the weight of the world on my shoulder. I know that I was created and moulded for something bigger than myself! I know what path I am called to follow! I know what I am called to do! I finally know who I am in part;to change lives but most of all breathe life into the dry bones but yet I find it so hard!

There is battle that goes on within me! Day and night it wages war between itself! One urges me to go to the left and the other to the right!

Do any of you ever get the urge to just give in, drop all your responsibility, all you have known, all you believe and just live in the moment being care free?
Don't you feel like abandoning the cross?
Do you feel like running away to the ends of the world and fly?
Do you ever feel like dropping out of school or quitting your job or just moving far away where no one knows you?
Do you feel like just spending all your savings and doing the impossible impulsively?
Do you ever feel tired of doing the right thing?
Do you feel tired of pleasing others at the detriment of your own happiness?

Do you feel scared?
Fed up of life giving you lemons?
Fed up of getting your heart broken?
Tired of losing a loved one?
Tired of fighting the Cancer?
Tired of fighting pointless a war with no end in sight?

This path we are on was never intended to be a burden but rather liberation! Society has made us see the truth as enslavement! It has distorted out instinct to see freedom has slavery!

I know we are in a world where debt and bills are now served as a 3 course meal! A world where pain and misery is a constant occurring element. A society that only has the ability to take and take until we have no will power to live! A generation that only seeks to destroy rather than to build!

The truth is that you cannot just give up! Nor can you run from what you have been selected to do. The world needs you! You who thinks you are to broken! You who thinks you will never amount to nothing! You who has been scared to voice out your opinion! You who has been terrified to step out! Many are called but few are chosen! This road will be far from easy!

I am sure many of us can relate to many of the raised questions. Most of just want to be free to roam NAKED IN THE WILDERNESS!
But I ask you today, what is freedom?

Many of us are tired of the responsibility but isn't it the true teacher that built you up to be who you are today?

You can only keep running for a period of time as you lack the acumen to run from your destiny!

Heavy is the head that wears the crown!

Nothing in life comes easy!

You can run and be labeled coward or fight and be called 'Victor'

MzJC RTWV Aka Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi