13. Mar, 2016

Third Month

We are approaching the end of the third month already!
How time flies!

Can I ask you, what have you accomplished in the first quarter of this year so far?

Some of you are just merely existing! Life is just passing most of you by! What have you impacted in our world so far? What difference have you made? How many lives have you touched so far? Are you fulfilling your purpose? Are you changing history? Are you declaring matters or are you allowing life to drift by? What are you doing with your days?

God wants only the best for you! To impact our environment!

Are you not fed up of the excuses? What tangible evidence do you have to show for your work so far? Time waits for no one baby! Time to get active! Do something! It may be a small start, but you can get to the great big things if you put in the time and work!

Stop waiting from the loan from the bank and start your business. Challenge yourself! Even if you don't want to start a business, start volunteering or travel or start a blog or a youtube channel. The invention of technology can now be used so cheaply to start something. Start utilising the resources around you! No more cheap excuses! No more comparing yourself to others!

Your breakthrough can locate you anywhere! Do not miss it! There are so many that are unemployed because they are waiting for that specific job appointment! Do you know that it is not the job that you are doing that will determine your prosperity but it is how you do what you do.

What I love about Africa, is that anything that can be done, they will do. People carry out jobs like flushing toilets or selling phone cards on the road in the scorching heat or sell food they cooked from home. It does not matter what the role! They are hardworking and determined to push through! We also should adopt this mentality!

Some of us, use the church to hide behind their laziness! Many have a habit of deferring tasks that they are supposed to do till tomorrow!


There are those that love sleep more than life! Many are so comfortable with the government benefit and food tokens life that they are comfortable in poverty! So what if you're 19 and a mother of 2! Look at mothers in university with 3 kids! Look at my mother going back to school when I was 14 and she had 6 kids at the time! Who said that it is impossible!

Do you want to wake up at the end of 2016 and ask where did time go? Don’t you want a life of substance and meaning?


MzJC RTWV Aka Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi