21. Mar, 2016

One Day"

"I finally did it. It feels so good actually! I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders! I feel ten times lighter! Finally I am free! Liberated from the guilt! Excluded from the oppression! Circumcised from the depression! I have dropped all the condemnation and let go! I confronted my fears and told despair that it can no longer be my lord nor my savior! I finally told my past that “one day our paths will meet again but not today”. I have left the rollercoaster ride! I am setting new goals! I am taking charge of my life again! I am looking after myself! I am bettering myself! I am finally arising to be all that I can be! I will not back down nor give up until I have conquered MY giants! My whole life finally has meaning! I finally know who I am without her! I know who I need to be not who she told me I can be! The moment we separated was the moment my life collided! In my brokenness I found meaning! In my pain I found completion! The pain was only a fulfillment for my destiny! Now I know in part, that not everything will go as planned because he knows best! People will come into your life for a season! You must remember that the building will always remain standing after they remove the scaffolding! You are heading towards something great! The road may seem lonely! You may feel like the whole world is against you! Just remember to hold on and hold out! There is sunshine after the rain! No season lasts forever! Scars heal! Life has meaning! You are not called to just coexist! You are called to create change!

Do not lose sight of who you are! In despite of the adversity! In despite of the lack of funding! In despite of no support!