21. Mar, 2016

What is your aspirations?

So today I tried out a really interesting exercise! In fact I would call it, a very awkward endeavour!

What exercise you may be asking yourselves?

I went to stand in front of my mirror, and I undressed myself!

I looked at myself! I did not look at you but I looked at me! I did not look at your life, but I looked at my life! I saw myself! Not through anyone's eyes! Not through anyone's expectations! Not through anyone’s ideologies! I saw myself through my eyes!

I saw her flaws! I saw her disportionate body! I saw her self inflicted scars! I saw her bruises! I saw her broken parts! I saw her brokenness! I saw her insecurities! I saw the parts of her that she thought was hidden! I saw her mistakes! I saw her mishaps and shortcomings! I saw all of her that makes her me!

My reflection stands back at looks at me! I can no longer separate the two entities! All I have I am is in you! I can no longer run from her! My eyes beckon me to stop the torture! I feel naked! I feel like a part of me that no one was meant to see, was stripped of all virtue and put on display! I feel angry!
I feel betrayed!

For the longest part of my life I was lost! Most would say I was “self-destructible”! The definition of an identity crisis!I was lost! I felt like I was a mistake! I could not face who I was! I wore many faces! To all I was known to be all things! I longed to run from the me that fought to come out! I hated me! I ran from her shadow for years! But finally thanks to him, I can stand here today, and say I see me because I see him! I no longer have to hide! No longer a slave to my frailties! I am free to be me! In my brokenness! In my flaws! This is a place that accepts you!

Two times a year Sapphire Ministries will host events in July and December! Where we help our generation to find their purpose! To unlock their true parts that they have been hidden! To be your weird self! To stand out and shine!


A place that loves you, when you do not love yourself!

MzJC RTWV - Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi