11. Apr, 2016


The truth in our world today, is that everyone wants to be loved. We lack the ability to survive in isolation. This leads many to look for love in the wrong places. Many of us will settle for any sort of affection, because it beats being alone. How did humanity become so tarnished and blinded to what loves true definition is? When did we sell our masterpiece for crafty pieces? Originality for copyrights? How cheap we have become? Desperate even for this deluded ideology for a better life. I am too a victim of this misconception that has polluted the great minds of humanity. Insanities Aridity has taken over many individuals in our society today. Apparently the best rate for survival, is by embracing the heresy fork laws that induce the humanities mentality.

Will you continually remain displaced or will you find your place?

Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi