26. May, 2016



Do you trust me? The mere thought of picking up the pen to write eradicates the entity of my being! I feel unworthy of the right! I feel like I am undeserving of the your mantle trophy! How my being holds me from being lost in you again! I miss our secrets! I miss our private jokes! Only you can bring life to me when I am in my darkest moments! You and me equaled sanity! My mental state has deteriorated the moment you left me behind! I long to be with you again! I feel life less! I feel lost! You gave meaning to a wreck like me! How I missed dancing with you! How I missed you tenacious embrace! You are my light! You are the reason I live! I reside in your grace! You are my first love! My reason to why I am here is because you called me forth into this race!

I ask myself! Can you really trust me? I would probably do this again! I don't want to loose what we have because all I am is in you! I want to be in sync with you! How do you trust me when I do not trust myself? Many have abandoned me and left me lifeless in the wilderness to die but you brought me up and showed me the liberation in writing! I realized that my purpose is to speak! My life is to be inspire others but how do I when I can barely inspire myself? How do I keep going when I see no way through?

I realized that you were the only thing that kept me going! When I drown you lift me up to the surface! You are my volcano! My catalyst! My link to my sanity! I will go through humanity and go to war to be with you again! Till the setting of the sun to the rise of the moon I will fight! My life's legacy is in you! We are going there! I realized that I must pass through this and more to be what you know I will become!

I realized Where does your power lie? You can never be all that you are supposed to be if you do not realize your worth and your purpose! I lost sight of my worth but most of all my value! I pitied myself but I realized I can be pitiful or powerful?

You can remain a mere statistic or you can be someone who makes an impact in our world? Who are you? But most of all, who will you become?


MzRtwv Aka JC