19. Jun, 2016


Form everything I passed through in life, I would say these have been my darkest days yet. Every ounce and joint in my entity yearns to put an end to my destain. I thought I had been through all the seasons and tribulations, but this mayhem was not in anyway anticipated. There are some days I cannot get up. There are some days that I wanted to remain on the ground because getting up would take all of me. There is some days that I accept the title as loser. There are some days that I bear the name forgotten and lost. There are some days that I bestow an identity generations deem as despair. I lost my way in the storm. I decided to bury myself alive. I relinquished my birth right to be called delinquent. I renounced my calling to the falling. I gave up all the best parts of me to fit in. My mouthpiece now a counterpiece? I thought I had lost all of me until you said I love you. You have proved time and time again that to be called a father is not just a title but a pillar. You see me when I do not see myself. You choose me, when I do not choose myself. You love me, when I do not love myself. You see my brokenness and make me whole. You complete me in ways no man can. From the ends of the earth to the rising of the sun, you are with me. You do not leave me nor abandon me. In my hurt you are there. In my pain you are there. You have proven time and time over and over again that a father's love is unconditional. You move mountains for me to do the impossible! When I came out of hiding and finally realised who I am, you supported me. You support my dreams, but most of all you believe in me, You see a light in me, that I cannot even see in myself. Daddy you are my best friend! You are my all in all. I long to only bring you joy in all that I do. I long to be an example that my siblings can see as great. For all you have invested in me, I would not let you down. I realised that we would pass through all these tribulations and trials, but it would only make us stronger. We can either roll over and take defeat or we can arise from every obscurity and arise in the battlefield. The war is far from over, but you are the glue that holds our family together. Your strength and courage is to be admired around our world. You have such a big heart, that can cause nations to unite. You give and give until you have nothing left of you. You are truly a man that anyone would aspire to be. Sometimes, people read you wrong, but I see you for who you are ; MY FATHER! MY BEST FRIEND! LEADER! WARRIOR! MY HEART BEAT! Till the end of my days, I would love you. You showed me how to love! You showed me how to be myself! You showed me the true power I have within me! You taught me how to push myself even when I can’t go on no more! You hear my cries and make the world feel better! Daddy thank you for loving me! You have proven over and over again that love is not only unconditional nor paternal but ETERNAL!