12. Aug, 2016

A Culture Bound By Oppression #ACBO


A nation divided by discrimination. A world weighed down by depression! A generation saturated and embellished by defeat! It is time to ring the alarm clock! This is a composition of all the words that are needed to be heard to reunite a segregated society! This is the voice to the broken and the lost! To the deluded - concluded and secluded you are no longer enslaved nor deprived your human rights to be who you are. Culture was not intended to misbehave but to save the lost identity of mankind. This is the weapon that our cultures need to instill to terminate the division and restore unity! Oppressions reign has come to an end!

"This is a collection of words I wished I heard when I was going through the darkest of times. This is a free gift to my generation"


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