7. Sep, 2016


How many of us just feel like, why can't I just get a break?
How many of us just feel like you are going from one ride to another?
How many of us just feel like breaking down?
How many of us just feel like why me?
How many of us just feel like when would this just come to an end?
How many of us just feel alone?
How many of us feel like you have been in the dark for too long?
How many of us feel like we have been screaming but no one is listening?
Who can feel their heart ripping out of their chest?
Who feels misunderstood?
Who feels forgotten?
Who feels lost?
Who feels abandoned?

Many of us just get to the point where we cannot take it no more! The voices even pressure us to give in and just give up! Some days are better than others! We get to the point whereby living is just too painful! Where breathing takes all of you, that you are left with nothing left! Many nights we are left weeping for any sign of a miracle! Sometimes it feels like you are drifting by while humanity progresses!

Why can't I get a break I ask myself? When did life go from joy to misery? How they have exchange my honey for bitter sweet despair? Why can't I seem to find someone to hold on to when the world disappears!

To eat is a struggle! To see with all the tears, has become a mere impossibility! To walk has become a rare commodity! To feel has become a distant memory! To speak has become a mere deformity! How do I get myself out from the pit that formed my very existence? How do I move when the chains have derived pleasure in my veins? I scream louder for them to hear me! I call out! I long for anything! I long for his all eradicating embrace!

Where are you when I need you? Where are you when they inflict torments and misery upon me? How do you look down and do nothing? How I weep for a united world! How I weep for the colours of our world to stand united! How I long for a world free from oppression! When would we speak up! Our walls of oppression are breaking down!

My dream is that one day we live in a culture that is free from oppression!

A Culture Bound By Oppression

Your time has come to an end!

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Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi