20. Oct, 2012

Falling Down in the Rain

Wow! Wow!
The embarrassment and shame that has satirised my body, is beyond comprehension.
I feel so hurt and violated.
My legs are in agony,
My breasts are in hell,
My heart is in dismay,
My head is breaking to the point that I cannot think straight.
I can still see the bruises on my fair legs,
I can still feel the ache between my tights.
For how long must I crawl in pain?
I was minding my own business,
But for some reason the demon the ponders the earth,
Still had to cause me misery!
The rain pours harder and harder!
I am now on the floor begging for mercy!
Some one redeem me!
But to no avail!
I am the silence voice that weeps in the wilderness!
I have been left to pick up the broken pieces of my dignity!

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi