25. Oct, 2012

Real Strength

To be strong,
Means letting go of your past,
Letting go of all the pains,
Moving forward through the rain,
Saying bye to the forgotten,
Looking your rapist in the eye;
And saying you forgive him,
Means putting the dead to rest,
Fighting to smile,
Struggling to forgive,
Attempting to let go,
Doing something with your life,
Achieving Greatness,
Ambition to the Oppressed,
Eradicating the Anguish,
Living for the moment,
Telling your story,
Fighting for the unjust,
For better or worse,
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!
We are only given what we can bear!

I laugh at my pain.
I laugh at my enemies.
Today I choose to be dancing!

jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi