25. Nov, 2012


The ability to be broken brings restoration,
The art of faithfulness formulates devotion,
Attributes of humility derives submissiveness,
Deception a repetitive game,
Fornication tomorrows inflation,
Corruption Africa's saviour,
Fabrication todays revival,
Anger adolescents employer,
Starvation for the exclusive,
Repulsive characteristics,
Embellished personalities,
Pretentious acts,
Diabolical emotions,
Captured words,
Slithering tongues,
Ripped out eyes;
Why do we continue to hide the real us?
Aren't you tired of the lies?
When would we learn to express how we feel?
Speak your heart?
Free your mind?
Tell the world who you are before its too late!

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi