29. Nov, 2012

Aspire to live for Christ

Lying Lubricants,
Backbiting Bitter Words,
Deceitful Deceptive Decisions,
Distorted Dishonest Thoughts,
Fabricated Fraudulent Minds,
Slanderous Suspicions,
Broken Disorientated Bones,
Secret Submissive Songs,
To the World she is Perceived as a Goddess,
To Humanity a Sublime Gift,
To Men a Lavished Seraph,
Divine Beauty,
Faded Allure,
Eroded Elegance,
Tempting Urges,
Lustful Voracity,
Ambiguous Appetite,
The Eagerness to Absorb her Libido,
The Yearning to Hear her Voice,
Greed Manifested by her light,
Hatred Aspired by her pretentious smile;

Time to Listen to the Sovereign Lords Voice.
The things you want may not be the things that are right for you!
Do not let your imagination and fantasy cloud your judgement.
Tread carefully for ye' are on holy ground.
You are not of this world but sent here to do might things!
Get rid of the desires, wants and worldly cravings and live for Christ!

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi