7. Dec, 2012


To communicate is the most gratified gift,
Lack of commitment,
Compelled Character,
Cherished Composure,
Covalent Catalyst,
Corrupted Couture,
Condemned Cellarage,
Catastrophic Commissions,
Covered Corpse,
Confused Children,
Carless Centuries,
Conflicted Cherries,
Conniving Cain,
Chosen Committee,
To communicate a facility unjust,
A skill taken for granted,
Humans fail to tell others about how they feel, because they are infatuated with timidity.
The art of communication is to bring opportunities and it is the key to opening the door of your happiness. Nothing can come forth in this world until you speak it! Communicate Today! Take a risk and see where it would lead you! Speak your mind and your heart!

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi