15. Dec, 2012

Summer Reunites

People that you think you know turn out to be this ghastly unknown character! 

The person of whom you eat with,

Shop with,

And make your bed with,
Turns out to be a mystery that yet needs to be solved.

Let's start from the beginning!

The snow and rain fall in love.

For the summer they are able to reunite,

But when the winter comes,

They have to say their goodbyes.

Back to the land of the unknown.

The longing;

The thirst;

The loneliness encompasses my soul;

The wait to feel radiant light radishes my being!

I seek for redemption but find no saviour!

I hunt the field for my potential meal,

But find none acquiring my taste.

For how long would I remain in this obstacle race?

When would I see the drop of snow again?

I took a blood oath with destiny,

But it's to hard to keep my Arkasia and Concupiscene in control.

I do love the chilly cold winter,

But I can't help the burning desire that needs to be quenched!

I repent to my love as I did try but I just seemed to descend lower and lower into the depths of hell!

Forgive me!
Forgive me!

I cry to the wilderness,

But the deed has been planted!

There is no going back!

The clock hands have changed.

Winter has come and gone!

Why oh why couldn't I just wait for the summer?

I lost my all,

I lost my hope,

I lost my heart -
But mostly my soul!

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi