23. Dec, 2012


You're the dream that hasn't ended, and I'm still anxious for the rest. Your words they seem to hang above my head. You're the bud before the flower, unfurls into full bloom. Captivating beauty, but it may be all too soon. You're the song that writes a story, but leaves a lot to read. The closest thing to perfect, but the farthest thing from me.'

Crushed Souls,
Impoverished Glares,
Damaged Goods,
Wasted Time,
Embellished Thoughts,
I gave my heart,
I gave you my all,
But yet you mock me.
You take my being and throttle the life out of it!

Did I not show you agape love?
Have I not proved my worth?
I go for war for you!
Yet you diminish me to nothing!
You trample on my spirit,
You constantly pull me down,
You make me a laughing stock in the great assembly,
You render all sorts of abuses on me but I take it;
Your torment my concupiscence!
When I needed you - you abandoned me!
How heartless are the hearts of man?

What I have learnt in life, is that we go through all sorts of relationships. Some very dreadful and some good. However you would never be happy until you find your missing part of the puzzle. The person who understands you inside out. The person who you can confine in about anything and everything! When you find your mate for life then you would know. Learn to get ride of waste goods! Do not tie your life down with those that would profit you nothing! Rather be associated with those that would build you up and lead you in the right direction. Enough is enough of being a pleaser! It is time to put the heartbreak aside and learn from the error of your ways. With every brokenness comes a lifting!

Today decide to smile despite the pain :D

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi