23. Dec, 2012

Is Texting Replacing Talking?

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Today I decided to try something different to get you guys talking :D
Debate time! Leave your comments at the end of the post.
Do you think Texting is replacing Talking?
Lou 21 - Uk 
"From my prespective, I believe texting is certainly replacing our ability to talk.On New Years Eve around midnight over 7 million texts alone in the UK. Nowadays instead of friends wishing you a merry christmas, they send a text. Is it that inconvenient to pick up the phone to make a call? Texting has only been around for 20 years, but it has managed to kill the art of making a decent conversation. What really annoys me is when I go out with friends, they spend their time texting someone who isn't there than someone that is. I've never sent a text and I'm proud of it!
Ria 18, South London
On the other hand I totally disagree. Texting has created a platform for us to communicate more. There are some relationships that are too awkward to talk over the phone,  so texting has provided this gift of avoiding all that tension. Texting allows you to keep in contact much more. Moreover texting is a lot more cheaper and convenient than actually calling someone up. If calling was as cheap as texting then maybe more would take up the opportunity to call. However this is not the case, which is why people find comfort in texting. You can send a text at any time and you can answer it when you want to. I don't see the issue with texting! We are in a new century and technology is changing everyday! We must therefore change to the updates and adapt to society! 
Lou you have to learn to go along with it and quit complaining!