28. Dec, 2012

Tomorrow's Hope

Birds praise the morning dew,
Rain washes the goddesses feet,
Storms an outcry for our generation,
Winds elevate specimens unjust,
Hailstones toil and plunder,
Desperation afflicts humanity,
Recession attacks societies livestock,
Inflated rates,
Poverty arises,
Struggles multiply,
Desires lustful ways,
Hunger reigns on mankind,
Feminine in the land,
Means to an end,
Brutal realities,
Endless failures,
Determination conquerors;
Confidents heartache?
Enough of the torture!

Decide to fight for a better tomorrow.
Despite the trials and tribulations and trials still hope for a better future.
Aspire in what you cannot see!
Faith speaks louder than words!
Above all be Optimistic!

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi