7. Jan, 2013

Version of Me

Still Waters,
Luminous Skies,
Slithering Paths,
Blossoming Petals,
Overgrown Grass,
Deprede Adolescente,
Malnourished Youths,
Starved Generations,
Stagenet Ministries,
Flustered Foundations,
Skaken Souls,
Damaged Pillars,
Stolen Talents,
Flippant Lips,
Confused Apperception,
Activist Movements,
Lost Ambitions,
Invisible Minds,
Despicable Me,
Was supposed to change,
To be a better version of me,
Impecable Declarations,
Fallen Short of his Glory,
Melancholy Actions;

Claimed to be that Voice in the wilderness. Now I am just a version of me that I am not proud of. I want to be in a place that my Deity can be proud of. Was supposed to arise from glory to glory but instead I fall 10 steps back.
I just have to keep getting back on my feet. Struggle, Fight and Break all Distractions that hinder me from reaching my predestined faith. No more diversion! Decided to join the race and I ain't stopping until I get to the finishing line.

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi