30. Jan, 2013

We are Free

"Our hearts bound in sin and darkness,
We were blind and could not see,
But the power of our great God…
Broke all chains and set us free.
All creation took on a glow
That we had not seen before,
Now living in marvelous Light…
We’re not the same anymore…
We Are Free!

Never has there been a sinner
Too vile to be forgiven,
Surrendering all to Jesus…
A home awaits in heaven.
Sin has no more dominion, friend,
We’re free from Satan’s domain,
Free to love and serve the Master…
And bring glory to His Name…
We Are Free!

Oh, what a miracle took place
When our Lord reached down His hand,
Lifting us into His kingdom…
From the depths of sinking sand.
How our hearts rejoice and worship,
As in one accord we sing:
“Praise God, from whom all blessings flow”…
We owe to Him…everything…
We Are Free!"

Faith Poetry