19. Feb, 2013

The Value of my Kiss

He leans in closer..
I move waaay back
“Excuse me??
What do you take this for?
Leaning in to touch these two preciously formed lips.
The price of which you haven’t even yet begun to calculate.
I’m sorry, you putting your arms around me as we watch a late night movie, nah uh.
Too cheap.
There is Royalty in the building.
What gates have you legally passed through, that made you think it was acceptable for you to enter into the inner most courts??
I personally like to see the product first, before I bring out my card to pay for it.
So what am I seeing in you? That permits you to touch this precious jewel?
These lips are the covering of my mouth, which is the entrance to the double edged sword of the living word of God.
He can cut asunder to the dividing lines between soul and spirit, joints and marrow, and can discern the thoughts and intents of the heart.
These lips can speak life into every dead situation by His spirit.
And you thought it was acceptable for you to just kiss them as you pleased???
Please fall back. Thankyou.
The price to touch these lips is too expensive for you to comprehend right now. So I suggest you run back to the Lord and ask him how you can prepare yourself to correctly enter in.
Yes a Standard has been raised
You don’t enter in anyhow through these pearly gates.
I am a temple of the Living God.
Please show respect, before I have you kindly escorted out.
(The door is that way ===>)
I don’t know if it’s because you’ve forgotten that I am a Queen or that you are a King.
The King of Kings lies within you, and I actually await the revealing of the King inside of you as it is who you truly are.
Come on now, let’s be real.
We both need to figure out our true nature.
Let’s go and consult the Most High, The One True Majesty.
He knows the appropriate timing for our lips to entwine.
If we truly love each other, let’s love each other enough to protect each other.
I forgot the value of my kiss and was giving it away anyhow.
Forgetting the precious price of this temple, which his royal blood redeemed and made acceptable to enter into the most High place.
Let’s not deceive ourselves.
Our kisses can easily lead to several more and even much more, which His spirit is not ready to accommodate, because we are not yet unified in marriage.
If we don’t discipline ourselves correctly and in time, damage will be done.
So don’t kiss me with your lips and not your heart.
I refuse to idolise you and set you above the One who knew me from the beginning.
Let’s not hinder each other but push each other to the Glorious plans He has in place for our lives.
You see by entwining with Him, I’m rest assured that a threefold cord cannot be easily broken.
So yes the value of my Kiss, the value of your Kiss, let’s not put a price onto it just yet.
But work out its true value.
The value of my Kiss?
Priceless” : )

Christinah Kale