19. Feb, 2013

The Power of a Seed

"The lord has been speaking to me about the power of a seed.
(Matt 13:35)

Locked within the seed is a creative power and the potential to become and multiply the unlimited. Everything in the universe is based on the power of the seed principle; for one to realise your potentials, is to overcome life challenges, to see your life fruitful in health, prosperity, spiritual growth etc; decide to follow the Divine law of the sower and the harvest, in proverbs 21:25-26.

Where are the seeds you have sown? To receive in life, you must plant. If you desire the Lord to open great doors for you then you must sow a seed into your future. There are many situations I have face in life. There was times that I couldn't afford to pay a bill, but by me helping somebody out or sowing a seed or gift into their life, I too was blessed. Out of nowhere the funds I desired came along by someone I did not expect. God can use anyone to stir up a blessing in your life. Always back up your desires and expectations with the right seed and you shall see it work for your favour."

Inspired by My Mother Victoria Simon-Michael __ Edited by Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi