23. Feb, 2013

Seed Healing part 2 Message

The power of a seed Isaiah 55;11 the seed is the word that works in our heart.God can only work through the seeds we have put in our hearts.
That seed is the word of God,Our father works in our lives through his word, God works in his kingdom, through the vehicle of His Word. We are going to find out that the enemy attacks the Word. The reason the enemy attacks the Word is because the Word or the seed is full of power. How is the power of God released? It’s released through His Word. Even in creation, the Bible says, “God said let there be light and there was light.” Every time He spoke something came into existence. God used His Word as a vehicle of His creation. God uses His Word as a vehicle to bring the things in our lives that we need. If you don’t put the Word in there, you don’t give Him much to work with.
Have you ever noticed that in churches where they don’t teach healing that no one is ever healed? It’s churches where they talk about God’s healing power that people are healed. . If you don’t have the Word on the subject usually those things don’t happen. There are churches where no one is ever saved. You know why, because they don’t preach the gospel of salvation. There are churches where no one is ever blessed or prospered. You know why, because they don’t preach that message.

The Question is what seed is in your Heart today?
The seed in Isaiah says; “so shall my Word be that goeth forth out of my mouth it shall not return onto me void. but it will accomplish that which I please and prosper into wherein I send it.

Victoria Simon-Michael