10. Mar, 2013

"You are not what society says you are" Don't not be subjected to Labels!

[Label: Definition - A small piece of paper, fabric, plastic or similar material attached to an object and giving information about it.]

Don't label because its easy to pick a word which you see fit, when you don't genuinely know who they really are

Don't label when you meet someone with a loud mouth and sharp tongue, Rude and obnoxious, with misleading confidence

Don't label because of this new attitude they have adopted to cover up the unrevealed specimen.

Society prone to Label individuals with adjectives that contradict who the really are, ready to attack on the feeble souls who yearn for a voice, but to afraid to jump at the opportunity of freedom. Wrapped in a shell of darkness, with no voice to speak up! When they scream no one hears them only when they speak, when they cry no one to wipe their tears but available to see them smile with a undercover sadness..
'Only you know who you are!' but reality is you don't even know yourself so who are they to pick demeaning words against your temple. Show the world your absolute Demeanour, be true to yourself so others can be true with you. Refuse to be a small piece of paper which only hold so little , stand your ground and direct your destiny, don't become a material attached to the objects of the world. Don't let others give, Be the giver of your own information!!

Yasmin Ananzo - Senior