18. Jan, 2017


How I long to smell you again,
How I long for your sweet embrace,
To dwell in you has become a distant memory,
Me and you were like Bonny and Clyde,
I long to hear your all encompassing words,
Our minds were once the definition of extraordinary,
The world marvelled at how two people could be so compatible.
You were my everything,
I fell for you,
You were my reason to keep going,
My life made sense in you,
You kept me breathing,
You gave me hope,
You turned a wreck like me into something; no someone of essence,
You gave me purpose,
My heart stopped at the mention of your name,
You were my everything!

How I yearn for you again,
I want to be lost in you again!
Without you my life is out of control!
Me + You = Purpose
Me + You = Hope
Me + You = Life

I am complete in you!
Writing you are my second love!
I just pray that our world sees you the way I do!
I am mittened by you!
Thankyou for finding me!

I just hope our world finds you too!

Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi