31. Jan, 2017

We Run As One

Week 3 SJW

Today we run as one!

It is time a we stand together and not apart! Today we stand! We speak up! We are one! A world where we are no longer oppressed nor divided by our skin nor culture! We are breaking free from a segregated institution that deprives us our human rights to thrive as who we are. Our differences in shades, abilities or characteristics should not divide us but inspire us! Today we arise to tear down the walls that keep us divide! We are one!

A culture that was bounded - cultivated - defined - embodied - by oppression has come to an end! Culture was not intended to misbehave but to save the lost identities of mankind.

Today We will hold our heads up high to say that we are one!

This is a day that hopefully reminds people that there is a reason to keep going. That there is a reason to keep fighting. That there is a reason to why we are here! To those that feel like they have lost hope and lost sight of who they. This a day for those who feel alone and unwanted! To those who feel broken! For those who feel powerless! To the oppressed! To the depressed! This a day to remind us all that we are not alone! We are not divided! We are one! We are each other's keepers! We are standing up to say - speak up - stand up and be who you are despite what people call you! To those who feel like life is over - this is your day but most of all your time to remember that there is sunshine after the rain. The storm will not last! You are here for a reason!
You have purpose!
You are not here by mistake!
You matter!
You are not any statistic in the crowd!
You have to keep going!
You have to keep dreaming!
You have to keep believing!
Why must you go on?

Because what is the point of coming this far to be a pitiful story?
You have to keep going because you are a fighter!
You have more in you than you realize!
No more excuses!
No more procrastinating!
The time to act is now!
The time to move is now!
The time to do the impossible is now!
Start planning!
Dream big!
Oppressions reign has come to an end!
An institution that told you, you cannot go far lied!
You cannot give up!
You can do it!
There is no limit to your greatness!
Stand with me today and change the rules and do what people said you cannot!

Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi