1. Mar, 2017

WWOP - 29/4/17



What is the point of all this?
What is the point of waking up every morning to still live that 9-5 routine?
What is the point of fighting when everyone is asleep?
Wheat is the point of giving your all?
What is the point of speaking the truth?
What is the point of standing when you are all alone?
What is the point of doing the right thing?
What is the point of saving for a future that seems so uncertain?
What is the point when I seem so drained and weary?

Sometimes I ask myself …. Why?

Why must I face all of this?

Because no matter how the road may look, it is not your final destination. I know most of us are giving life your everything!
Most of us barely have 2 hours a day of rest, but baby you have to keep going.
Life will get better! Th position you are now, is not the final position of your life!
He sees your hard work and you will be rewarded.
Stop looking at the mass crowd and start looking to one who gives life and strength!
Things will get better, because I know so.
The time to fight is now!
You can give up or you can keep giving life all you have!
I know most of our feet are blistered and swollen, by the hours of standing;
I know most of our hands have been battered by the persistent storms but do you know what, you are strong!
You have more in you than you realise!

You have to keep fighting!


Because i refuse to have come this far to be a pitiful story!
From my pains, there will be a lifting!
The season will pass!

But how do you keep fighting?

The answer is: not alone!

You can’t do this by yourself!

Share your struggles today!

Tell the world that yes you tried to break me but I refused to remain broken!
Yes you tried to gives me limes, but i decided to smile!
My wounds are no longer hidden but free to heal!
I can now show others my scars!

I am a wounded woman who has obtained power in despite of my circumstances!
In despite of what others called me!
In despite of others unbelief!
I stand!
I speak!

Life will try to break you but you cannot remain pitiful, because you are powerful!

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Take care and have a blessed week!

Welcome to yet another week at Stepping Into Jc’s World!

Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi