9. Mar, 2017

Week 7 Stepping Into JC's World

My circumstances tried to break me, but I refused to remain broken;
The world try to label me broken, but I refused to remain broken;
The world tried to tell me I was not good enough!
The world try to tell me I would never be anyone!
But I am here to tell you, that you are not worthless!
You are not useless!
There is greatness birthed forth in you!
There is power imbedded on your tongue!
I am talking to the ones who feel like they are standing alone, to keep standing!
Baby Stand!

There is a fire in you that cannot be contained!
The time to come out of hiding is now!
You cannot hide behind the label!
You cannot hide behind the misconceptions and misrepresentations known as "image"!
You cannot hide behind the crowd no more!
The time to act is now!
The walls you have built are coming down!
The world will see you!
The world will hear you!
The time of oppression and depression is coming to an end!
Struggles is no longer your saviour!
Defeat is no longer your lord!
Failure, is no longer your king!

The days of standing out at road corners is coming to an end!
The sleepless nights of searching has come to an end!
The greatness you have been searching for is standing right in front of you!
Its time to take a stand!
Even when it means thats you will be standing alone!
You can continue to live as a second class citizen?
You can continue to live a life not befitting a queen?
You can continue to be mediocre?
Or you can step out to the realm of your calling?

You can be the predestined version of yourself, that you know you were supposed to be?
Th time to take that stand is now!
Th time to dig up the hidden treasures that the world had made you bury, is coming to light!
No more hiding!
No more excuses!
No more procrastination!
You are breaking free!

Today we stand in the face of fear, to say "I Am"

Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi