6. Apr, 2017


This year I must say has had its fair share of ups and downs! I must say that I am amazed that I can still stand in despite of the odds! I can’t sleep! I can’t eat because I yearn for a transformed nation but most of all a united world.
Sometimes it feels like I should give up but I still go on!
Because the time to wake up my generation is now! There is a fire in each and every one of you that wants to burn and ignite our world!
Why do I keep going?
Because it will’ all be worth it! Even when it means I may have to stand alone; I keep standing! Even when I have no feedback, I keep fighting! Even when it seems like there are no results, I keep singing!
My soul purpose is to tell you, that you have worth! You have a purpose! There is a legacy that only you can bring forth, so it is time to take a stand! 
We stand to unite a divided world! 
We stand to unite all! 
We stand to mend the broken! 
We speak love! We speak hope! We speak life!
I call my generation to arise as leaders and victors!
I present my new book! “Moving From Imprisonment To Empowerment“
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Today I encourage you to keep going! In despite of your circumstances! Keep dreaming!