6. Apr, 2017


Doing so much at once?

I have always said that i can do it all. I have always said that doing one thing at once is boring but most being labelled as mediocre. I have so much i want to do that it has become a struggle of late to be able to manage all things. I barely sleep nor eat. My mind is on this unending rollercoaster. It is like the more I sleep, the more i dream. I see a future so bright! I see a world of possibilities! I see a world of exploits! I see nations arise and unite! I see broken homes rebuilt! I see wounded warriors arise! I see victims become victors. I see stars from scars! I see a nation wake up from an eternity of deep slumber. I see humanity find the key.

Call me delusional or as my best friend says i am not about this planet"

I just want so much for our world.
I want to do so much!
I want to move mountains!

I want my country to stand but how can they hear when reading is no longer an ability but handicap to mankind?

The issue that I have been facing these couple of weeks, is wanting everything to happen now! I am so excited that i begin to loose the patience to nurture a legacy. Is it so wrong of me to want a better world? I want the violence to end! I want Congo to find restoration! I want children to no longer get molested! I long for love to become the second nature for every home.

But is it delusion? Am i concluded or secluded to the truth?

Change is a process. Change is gradual.

I have given this fight all that i am and bestowed my everything. I have poured my whole totality into this and now lost the ones i thought were dear. I have gone from crowded nights to choir of one. Sometimes i ask myself why do you keep going?
Sometimes you may feel all alone but keep going why?
Keep standing, why?

Baby stand when you may have to stand alone, it will pay off. We just have to stand for what we believe in, why?

We have to keep fighting! See breathing! Keep changing the impossible! Don't give up! Don't give in! People may mock or put you down but they can't break you! You may be standing alone financially, emotionally and mentally but you have someone who knows your name. He is working behind the set and puts things in order. He called you into essence! He says baby fight! He says baby live!

Your scars are turning into stars!
Change will happen!
One day at a time!

All i can say is:
Stand baby!
Your time of delivery is near!
Keep dreaming!
Keep planning!
Keep drawing!

Sorry it has been a while guys! SJW is back and I am stronger than ever!