4. Jul, 2017


So on July 30th my chaity is hosting its very first Christian Poetry Festival.

It would be at the BoxPark 


The day would consist of 20 poets and a few bands and singers. The event is called "Free Yourself Concert Series" - a place where we are free to be ourselves. A place where we belong. A place where we called home. A place where we are united indespite of our differences. With one voice we speak life, hope and love. 

This has actually been pending for a while. You know when you are meant to do something but we end up not pursing it.


Because We Are Afraid!

I have been terrified to go ahead, because I was afraid that this dream would not be a reality. I was afraid that yet again it would be another failed attempt that no one turns up to. I was afraid, because I did not feel good enough nor worthy. I was afraid to fail. I was afraid to dream. I was afraid that people would see through my cracks and flaws and call me worthless.

So after a month of procrastination;

After a month of fighting what dynasties call a legacy;

After a month of inhabiting doubt and running from destiny;

I present to you the second year of our very own:




A place where you are not limited nor confined to be yourself. This year we are doing something that we were born to do. This year we STAND FOR THE lost cause. This year we are daring to dream!


I welcome to you to making history!

Welcome to our very first poetry festival!


This event is for the ones who thought that they are ordinary. This is for those who feel lost and alone. This is for those who were told not to speak. This is for those who have been beaten down and named worthless. This is for those that were told, that they are invisible. This is for those that have been oppressed and battered to become someone else.


There is no limitation to how great you can actually be.

In this place you are not only accepted for who you are but for what we know you will become.



  1. 1.  LOVE
  2. 2.  HOPE
  3. 3.  & LIFE


There is a tomorrow for you in despite of your messes.

There is a future in the middle of your pain.

 Today we stand as one nation to live a life worthy of freedom”

Reserve tickets for friends and family here:
or https://www.universe.com/events/free-yourself-concert-series-tickets-brixton-LBYJH9
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