Stepping Into JC's World

6. Apr, 2017

This year I must say has had its fair share of ups and downs! I must say that I am amazed that I can still stand in despite of the odds! I can’t sleep! I can’t eat because I yearn for a transformed nation but most of all a united world.
Sometimes it feels like I should give up but I still go on!
Because the time to wake up my generation is now! There is a fire in each and every one of you that wants to burn and ignite our world!
Why do I keep going?
Because it will’ all be worth it! Even when it means I may have to stand alone; I keep standing! Even when I have no feedback, I keep fighting! Even when it seems like there are no results, I keep singing!
My soul purpose is to tell you, that you have worth! You have a purpose! There is a legacy that only you can bring forth, so it is time to take a stand! 
We stand to unite a divided world! 
We stand to unite all! 
We stand to mend the broken! 
We speak love! We speak hope! We speak life!
I call my generation to arise as leaders and victors!
I present my new book! “Moving From Imprisonment To Empowerment“
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Today I encourage you to keep going! In despite of your circumstances! Keep dreaming!

6. Apr, 2017

Every sunday we have an event on at Elephant and Castle. The Venue: The Artworks; From 7-10pm. there would be live music, rapping singing and poetry. We also have free food and drinks. The event is more than showcasing up and coming talents but about reminding us young people that we have greatness within us. This is like a second home for you to come and chill and meet others. Just know you are not alone :) Tell a friend and I hope to see you later on tonight.
Or call us on 07466493309

9. Mar, 2017

My circumstances tried to break me, but I refused to remain broken;
The world try to label me broken, but I refused to remain broken;
The world tried to tell me I was not good enough!
The world try to tell me I would never be anyone!
But I am here to tell you, that you are not worthless!
You are not useless!
There is greatness birthed forth in you!
There is power imbedded on your tongue!
I am talking to the ones who feel like they are standing alone, to keep standing!
Baby Stand!

There is a fire in you that cannot be contained!
The time to come out of hiding is now!
You cannot hide behind the label!
You cannot hide behind the misconceptions and misrepresentations known as "image"!
You cannot hide behind the crowd no more!
The time to act is now!
The walls you have built are coming down!
The world will see you!
The world will hear you!
The time of oppression and depression is coming to an end!
Struggles is no longer your saviour!
Defeat is no longer your lord!
Failure, is no longer your king!

The days of standing out at road corners is coming to an end!
The sleepless nights of searching has come to an end!
The greatness you have been searching for is standing right in front of you!
Its time to take a stand!
Even when it means thats you will be standing alone!
You can continue to live as a second class citizen?
You can continue to live a life not befitting a queen?
You can continue to be mediocre?
Or you can step out to the realm of your calling?

You can be the predestined version of yourself, that you know you were supposed to be?
Th time to take that stand is now!
Th time to dig up the hidden treasures that the world had made you bury, is coming to light!
No more hiding!
No more excuses!
No more procrastination!
You are breaking free!

Today we stand in the face of fear, to say "I Am"

Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi
7. Mar, 2017


EVERY SUNDAY EVENING 7-10pm! The Artworks UK If you missed the first one last week thats ok but don't miss this Sunday! POET is a place that accepts everyone and if you ever feel like you are alone or just a place to hang out then this is the place for you! Just know there is power within you! You have worth! You matter! This is the place that accepts you when you don't accept yourself! We have debates, to open mic events, to movie nights, to singing, dance, writing, language classes! The time for us to unite is now! You don't have to embark on this journey alone! There will be free food and drinks as well.
Look forward to seeing you all there!
Email me for more information

Closest Station: Elephant and Castle

Venue: The Artworks


1. Mar, 2017

Sapphire Ministries brings you POET. ON SUNDAY 5TH MARCH AT 7PM 


A Message from Sapphire Ministries: I promised myself today; that I would never be powerless! I would do all I can do to help others who have been oppressed by similar issues! I aim to remind us of our worth! When you know who you are no one can make you feel worthless! I propose we put an end to this deformity known as conformity! It is time we find our voices! The time to be who you are is now! The time to stand is now! The time to speak is now! I welcome you to POET! Power on Every Tongue! You have the power inscribed on your tongue - it is time we use it!

This is the launch of my art classes! (Writing, Poetry, Dance, Performing Arts, Singing - The all in one)

On the night will consist of up and coming artists and free food!

Come along and invite a friend!


Reserve free tickets now on